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Behind The Scenes. Jekyll and Hyde. Raven Ong

“Raven was my student at SDA-CSB-DLSU.I consider him the most promising graduate of the prod design programme. At his young age, I think he will even be more accomplished than me in the years ahead. He is focused. His good taste in color and fabrication and most important, he has the hunger & love for the craft of costume AND theatre.” – Mr. Eric Pineda.

Let’s get to know Raven Ong more. He’s the Costume Designer for Jekyll and Hyde.

You’re so busy these past few days, how do you keep sane?

“I’m also surprised that I’m still in a good state of mind. Haha! Well the key is focus and love for what you are doing. Love for work surpasses all that is difficult.”

When did you learn that costume designing is your niche?

“When I was still in college, I was sure in my mind and in my heart that I want to design for theatre. I took up Production Design in De La Salle – College of St. Benilde. I did not pay much attention to academic subjects, but when major subjects (design subjects) came in, that’s when the match created the fire! Right after I graduated, my Costume Design Professor, Eric Pineda got me to apprentice for him. Those three years of apprenticeship served as my foundation for design. And since then, destiny made its own way of bringing me to an actual application by myself.”

What inspires you once you are given a play to make costumes for?

“Inspirations vary. Sometimes, you are inspired because you really wanted to do that particular project or because you become too much excited about it, but for me, being offered to design a certain project is already an inspiration. Like Ms Ana Abad Santos offering me to design 39 STEPS and BARE (2012) is already an inspiration, Tita Menchu offering me to design Peter Pan and Jekyll and Hyde, Michael Williams offering me to do Leading Ladies, Tita Joy Virata offering me to design Wizard of Oz, those initial actions of my directors serve as inspirations to me, because I believe in this principle that every project is a BASIS of TRUST. No good show can be produced without it.”

What do you do if you have budget constraints? Or you haven’t encountered this?

“Well part of a designer’s responsibility is to let his / her director know what can be and what cannot be done. That’s one reality that we always have to face.”

Any message for those who aspire to be just like you.

“I’d like to address this to Production Design Students from Benilde in particular, that being a designer is NOT an OVERNIGHT process. You have to apply the basic principles of humility, submission and passion. You can’t just have one step and think you’re on the 10th step right away. It is never like that. You need to fully understand WHY you are designing. You need to realize the importance and value of clothing. You need to understand why you should fold, hang, maintain and arrange clothes. You need to learn these basic things before you design. You cannot say you “love” designing without first learning how to love clothes. And when you already reach the point of actual designing, it is always firstly, the INTENT, secondly, the FUNCTION and lastly, the AESTHETICS. And like what my mentor, Eric Pineda would always say: “God gives it to those who hunger for it.”

Additional statement from Raven:

“I had an ugly childhood background, but I took it as challenge since then to make sure that when I grow up, I will always create beautiful things. I thank the Lord for giving me these opportunities to make things beautiful, thru this field of work, translating them into what is called – COSTUME DESIGN.”

  1. nathan
    March 19, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Hi Raven,

    Congrats to your success! Finding and doing what you love to do is the best!

    • raven ong
      March 29, 2012 at 3:37 pm

      Thank you so much Nathan!

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